Mustafa Hulusi

Mustafa Hulusi Mustafa Hulusi (born 1971) is a London based conceptual artist who uses a diverse set of mediums for his work, such as painting, photography, video and installation. Being of Cypriot-Turkish origin Hulusi explores his dislocated cultural background in his work which deals with hybrid identities. His eastern Mediterranean heritage informs his work and he often uses the flora and fauna of Cyprus. Hulusi graduated from Goldsmiths College and later went on to study photography at the Royal College of Art. His works have been exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, the Venice Biennnale and the Whitechapel Gallery and is part of the permanent collection at the Tate Modern, London.

On Air: Extasis by Mustafa Hulusi

Filmed in north Cyprus, Extasis by Mustafa Hulusi shows a female hand (filmed in slow motion) reaching up to touch and caress a pomegrate. The work recalls the seminal story taken from the bible of Adam biting the forbidden fruit. Here, the story is changed; after sensually touching the surface of the fruit, the action of picking the pomegranate off the tree is abandoned. The scent alone is fulfilling and the work's conclusion is that happiness can be obtained without transcending any meta-physical boundries. -> Homepage of the Artist: -> Mustafa Hulusi on Wikipedia From the Sedition Selection