Nerdworking Nerdworking is an Istanbul based art & science network which was founded in 2009 to research and to develop unique softwares and hardwares for artistic, commercial, experimental interactive media works for the public space, fairs and performing arts. Nerdworking has many multidisciplinary artists, illustrators, designers, real-time animation designers, coders, mechatronics, robotics, electronics professionals. The core team's aim is to create new way for experience of between man - machine - codes.

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The ikono On Air Festival is showing two films from the Nerdworking network: Yekpare (monolithic) - 2010 Nerdworking „Yekspare“ is a storyteller which narrates the 8500 year story of Istanbul. The story embraces symbols from Pagans to Roman Empire, from Byzantine Empire to Latin Empire, and finally from Ottoman Empire to Istanbul at the present day. Art Direction & Visuals: Deniz Kader & Candaş Şişman Music & Sound Design: Görkem Şen Project Management: Erdem Dilbaz Modelling: Gökhan Uzun & Can Dinlenmiş ( Under an Alias nerdworking Under an Alias Under An Alias is the new big fairytale of nerdworking, a digital historical expression. This time our story takes place in a small German town; Weimar. The effect of a small town with the population of 65,000 people on the world concerns all of us, a city where the majority of its income is from culture. Weimar is a meeting and creation point for eminent intellectuals of our current times. This town, where Goethe wrote his masterpieces, where the music of Franz Liszt could be heard. This is where its republic of Germany was founded in 1919, whose legacy was subsequently marred by the establishment of a Nazi concentration camp in 1937. Weimar, a city that currently merges art and architecture in Bauhaus university, has many untold stories. Although difficult, telling Weimar’s story was incredibly educational for an Istanbul based group of artists. It gave an opportunity for nerdworking illustrate a story from another perspective. Dozens of people spent long hours immersing themselves the rich cultural background, whilst taking into consideration the opinions of previous researchers. Under An Alias, created by collaboration of international artists and working completely in cyberspace, made its debut as the main act of the Genius Loci Festival. Under An Alias was on exhibition from 10th till 12th of August on Fürstenhaus, Franz Liszt Conservatory, each night from 8PM till the early hours, several times a night. We decided that there couldn’t be anything more appropriate, than projecting the analogy onto this iconic building. The initial section is the spirit, then the muscles then the skin of this tribute to the legacy of Weimar was created. The story was based on the linear history of the city, the abstract origin slowly turned into decaying effect in the years of war. Then the exploding Bauhaus movement after the World War II is portrayed with a statement to pay homage to one of movement's greatest masters; Kandinsky. Then the story flows into the German industrial machine, healing its wounds from the diffused times with aggressive images of engineering and machinery. And finally, after all of city's turbulent history, we are waving goodbye to Weimar with its peace and order as a giant music box. We appreciate her hospitality. Under An Alias was made by nerdworking's crew of 22 people from different disciplines architectures, new media artists, sound designers and the staff of Genius Loci Weimar. Enjoy the show, till the next fairytale. Design and Art Direction: NOHlab (Candaş Şişman - Deniz Kader) Motion Design and Animation Teams: Fehmican Gözüm
 Gökalp Gönen
 Saygın Soher
 Sinan Büyükbaş Ouchhh Creative Director: Ferdi Alıcı
 3D Artists & Designers: Çağlar Özen, Emre Önol, Ferdi Alıcı
 2D Artists & Designers: Dilan Tanrıkulu Regal, Harun Kerem Köse, Yusuf Emre Kucur
 Compositing: Ferdi Alıcı, Robotika CG Supervisor: Coşku Özdemir
 3D Artists & Designers : Davut Toy, Vikram Puttanna Sound Design: Alp Coksoyluer, Giray Gürkal, Görkem Şen Architectural 3D Modelling: Kerem Asfuroğlu Storyboard Artist: İsmail Anıl Güzeliş Documentation: Cansu Turan Project Management: NERDWORKING (Erdem Dilbaz) Render Farm: RenderRider Special Thanks to Gökçen Dilek Açay, İkinci-Parti Prodüksiyon, Stefan Kraus


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Other Videos from nerdworking

DJ Shadow Scenography: Light And Magic After a long expectancy, DJ Shadow performed his new cover set was called 'All Basses Covered' in Istanbul. nerdworking was invited by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) for making the night's scene design. Scenography included 3 major partitions which were stage desing and lights and visual mapping. The stage was built with 41 different pieces solid materials on its own steel construction. All pieces were independently located at different depth points by the origin, so its form was look like an abstract graffiti. Light beams on the ground were impulsive! ^TURNA ^THE CRANE | Sound Reactive 3D iMAX Cinema Movie For the opening ceremony of !f Istanbul International Independent Movie Festival, as a suprise event, The Crane is made by a huge trans-discipliner team including coders, illustrators, animators and musicians. Using iMAX systems and its glasses, the movie has chance to turn into an interactive 3D movie. Its reaction is linked to the sound of a live orchestra which is a temporary gathering of unusual musicians. This interaction has directional influences on some 3D computer generated parts of the movie in a way of many different ratios. Main story belongs to a girl with dreams, support and motivation come from !f Istanbul, producing by nerdworking, performed by the orchestra with 300 audience mass interaction. Theme of this year is ''People Power'', so you will see it at the end of the performance. Please read carefully and start to spin in the universe. Caught the hand of The Human, With one wing, The Crane, Drawing out the other to The Universe. The Universe pulled and ascended, The Human and The Crane, Up to the sky, the seventh. The three whirled as one, Ripen into whole, altered to a Sage, The eternal cycle has begun. Metropol Istanbul | Indoor Exhibition Mapping Istanbul is physically growing stronger. Huge complexes and incredible effort of construction companies and government support cause that process. Thus, in Asian side of Istanbul, there is going to be an International Finance Center which all headquarters of Turkish banks will be there in few years. One of the major 'fashionable' complex is Metropol Istanbul is rising with 3 stylish buildings. Government supports two main construction companies of sector which are Varyap and Gap. They know ianvestors' potential and to get their attention to Istanbul, they came to us for an audio-visual performance of presenting Metropol Istanbul at MIPIM (biggest real estate fair for its professionals) in Cannes, France. 3rd generation energy systems, green social zones are some of highligths and its also functional design are some of the highlights. We wanted a visitor to turn into an audience with our spectacular hypnotic audio-visual performance. For that need, 2.8 m. x 5 m. white reliefs of 3 major buildings on a white wall was used for the audio-visual mapping performance by nerdworking. The performance was infinite in a loop and its technological components were simply effective products. The audience were fascinated. Short Throw Journey: Making of Metropol Istanbul Amazing experience we lived at MIPIM International Real Estate Fair at Palais Des Festival, Cannes. We made an audio-visual mapping show for a project of Varyap - Gap Consortium is called Metropol Istanbul. Their stand was built in Germany with our collaboration. 18K Christie projector was transported from Genova. We took our plane in very exhausted mood. We had lots of trouble at first day of our journey such as we put one of our computers back at Atatürk International Airport due to the restriction of THY about transferring big electronics at baggage and not finding SATA adapter and felt stuck about reach some in harddisks for rendering, etc... but, night we had a delicious lunch and we had big smiles on our face again! Before the original performance video, please enjoy and guess the next step! Documentation: Cansu Turan Images Courtesy of Nerdworking