Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby - An Arch Never Sleeps Nick Hornby is a British artist, based in London, UK. He is most known for his large sculptures designed in CAD and cast in marble-resin. His work has been exhibited in the UK and internationally, at venues including Tate Britain, Southbank Centre, Fitzwilliam Museum (UK) and Eyebeam (NY). Working across a range of media from very traditional to high-tech, he has completed residencies at Eyebeam Art+Technology Centre (NY), the ICIA (Mumbai), and the Fleischmann Foundation (Slovakia). He is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Clifford Chance Sculpture Prize, the Deidre Hubbard Sculpture Award, the BlindArt Prize and he was shortlisted for the inaugural Spitalfields Sculpture prize and Mark Tanner Sculpture Prize. Recent works include a permanent sculpture for Poznań-Lawica Airport, Poland in 2012. He has a Solo Exhibition at Churner and Churner Gallery, New York in Sept 2013.

On Air: Nick Hornby

The ikono On Air Festival is showing "An Arch Never Sleeps" by Nick Hornby. -> From Curator Omar Kholeif - Syndrome of a Decade About "An Arch Never Sleeps" [Extract from: Whose Form Is It Anyway? A New Media Curator’s Notes on Nick Hornby] The video presents a rotating 360-degree carousel of images constructed out of an amalgamation of these various proposals, each image making visible the intersection of at least three different architectural imaginations. Beginning from a static and coherent position, each small shift in the rotation presents a different visual form. A building begins to resemble a mutated relic, its architectural characteristics deconstructed and suspended into thin air. With each 60-degree turn, one of the proposed building ‘snaps’ dramatically into view, before a continued process of structural disembodiment continues. Oscillating between geometric abstractions, the animation ‘glitches’ back into coherent form for mere seconds, before dissolving back into fragments. This process of layering piecemeal components within the moving image, illustrates Hornby’s interest in mixing objects. By allowing his ‘building blocks’ to be both recognisable and ambiguous, the artist plays with the viewer’s sense of expectation – of scale, perspective, and of course, objective formation. These tactics, allow Hornby to span a broad emotional register. Referencing folly and failure, Nick Hornby’s obsession with form reveals his ambition to play with notions of monumentality, which it can be argued, is a most significant emblem of humanity -- of its issues and its ideas. – Omar Kholeif, writer, editor and Curator at FACT, Liverpool.


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