Orit Raff

Orit Raff Utilizing both photography and video, Orit Raff has investigated objects of domestic life—soap, bathroom floors, drains—in a search for traces of the bodies that come into contact with them. This highly self-reflexive practice often results in what appear to be vast, austere landscapes. In her looped video/performance Palindrome (2001), a female protagonist obsessively stacks felt within the domestic structure of an igloo in a fraught allu-sion to the attempt to keep warm. This futile gesture is made all the more absurd by its juxtaposition with foot-age of a coyote comfortably navigating a frigid landscape.


Orit Raff attended Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem, graduated cum laude from the School of Visual Arts in New York, and participated in the Independent Study Program of the Whitney Museum of American Art from 1998-1999. In 2003, she completed an MFA at Bard College. Raff's work has been exhibited widely in Europe, Israel, and the United States. In 2011 she participated in the exhibition "Videosphere: A New Generation" at the Albright-Knox, Buffalo, NY and in 2008 participated in the ex-hibition "True North" at the Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin Her work is part of major collections such as: CU Art Museum, University of Colorado at Boulder, Albright-Knox, Buffalo, NY, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel In November 2014 Raff will have a solo exhibition at the Tel-Aviv Museum.

On Air: Orit Raff

Orit Raff The ikono On Air Festival will be showing: Palindrome (2001, 16 mm color film transferred to video with sound) The Film "Palindrome"portrays two repetitive images that in the end converge into one: the artist performing a Sisyphean task- trying to warm herself, and a coyote running in a snowy landscape. Meaning is deliberately kept ambiguous and multifaceted.


- Orit Raff at Julie Saul Gallery - Orit Raff at Noga Gallery - Orit Raff at Deutsche Guggeneheim


- "Insatiable" monography published in 2005 - "Shangri-La" monograph published in 2011 - Orit Raff - Photographs


Orit Raff, Sweating Sweet, 2008 Abdominal Syndrome – Thoughts on Orit Raff's Sweating Sweet by Yair Barak Raff's Character in Sweating Sweet is hardly one of us. Her appeal is one of a stranger. Barefoot she is walking, wearing a dress, (more likely an apron) with sort of a pocket – an additional abdomen. As an unknown marsupial she delivers an endless supply of white powder. As a metabolic by-product the powder is being thrown away and constantly (so it seems) – reproduced. Salt or Sugar? The piece does not offer a definite answer. The title though, implies for the sugar. If that is so, the contemporary sower is spreading seeds of sweetness into the ever salty water of the ever non-sweet sea. A one man desalination plant, made of cloth and sugar, no pumps, no engines, activated by an urge for compensation, for correction and contradiction. The action/labor is a repeating ritual, a Sisyphean task, trying to transform the salty sea water to sweet water i.e. in Hebrew drinking water. This action has no purpose but the object of the act. The urge to change the destiny, to take over, to interrupt the established order is an act of rebellion and obedience at the same time. Raff's character is obsessed with shifting the rules in order to create a balanced reality in which there is less gap and contradiction. This is of course, the beginning of the end; the unavoidable recipe of failure. We are led to the corrective system: Be good, correct, straighten things, stay in the lines, do not freeze, and don't let the sea be too salty. This is a mechanism of two layers: seduction and risk, naivety and awareness, attraction and restraint, rupture and repair. Orit Raff, Hunt-the-Slipper, 2002 Copyright Photography: Orit Raff and Ynon Goren