Osvaldo Cibils

Osvaldo Cibils - After big bang before big crunch The work of Osvaldo Cibils is mainly oriented towards drawings, computer sounds, short videos and experimental ideas. Osvaldo Cibils was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1961. He lives and works in Trento, Italy.

On Air: Osvaldo Cibils

The ikono On Air Festival is showing the film "After big bang before big crunch" by Osvaldo Cibils: "a brief synthesis of human existence. action-home, performance by Fiorella Alberti and Osvaldo Cibils. 2009."


- Homepage of Osvaldo Cibils: www.osvaldocibils.com - Osvaldo Cibils on Vimeo - Publications on Issuu

Other Videos by Osvaldo Cibils

paesaggio zoom in cell phone on right foot humans art and architecture video art video performance by Fiorella Alberti and osvaldo cibils. 15 april 2012, behind the Castle of Buonconsiglio. Via della Cervara, 55 - 38121 - Trento (TN) Italy. Fiorella Alberti. Architect born in Pando, Uruguay, 1966. Lives and works in Trento, Italy (AMPstudio). Her work are oriented towards the exploration of the potentials of the landscapes to the design of architecture. N°2 installation on monitor. monitor LG Flatron E2251 SUPER LED 51 x 32 centimeters, Sony TCM-16 Pressman Portable Cassette Recorder, drawings graphite 0.5 B on paper on amorphous object, printed drawings, osvaldo cibils name 7 times with stamp rubber on paper, photo profil on plastic cup, adhesive tape, two video performances, slide show photos art gallery, digital animation, speaker boxes, images background on the wall and soundart softwares field recordings. N°2 installation on monitor by osvaldo cibils, 18 june 2012.

Curators' Special

Part of the curatorial selection of Elisabetta di Sopra