Paolo Bandinu

Paolo Bandinu Paolo Bandinu's work moves through the pictorial stories that take shape on the canvas and evolve by means of a video montage where the constant evolution of painting tells every single gesture and sign, painting becomes music and sublimate the motion of the matter. A succession of feelings and moods evolve into a situation that immortalize every change and indecision in the balance between what happened and what would or will happen.

On Air: Paolo Bandinu

The ikono On Air Festival is showing the wall painting- stop motion film Nascosti dalle apparenze Paolo Bandinu "Among the different experimentations that brought me to create animations that want to go beyond the screen I shot a video in an abandoned building near the suburbs of Florence (Italy).
That building was a mechanical laboratory with an apartment at the side, I found there the inspiration for a short story about mysterious presences with the title Nascosti dalle Apparenze. Looking around in this area I was fascinated from a sort of a veil of mystery that the thousand objects of the house create.
It was a place where people used to live and where every corner showed the tracks of a gone past stopped in time. I used that objects, like mirrors, chairs that had the signs of past, of time and brought to mind something disturbing. I tried to use that space like a canvas, carrying the painting to the walls, the doors, the windows of a real house. Painting the walls and catching the scene with a camera I started the sequence of a story of two spirits that met, mixed together still they become a single being, than separated again with a feeling of fear.
The work aims to re-create the reunion of a person with the other self, looking for a existence that has positive as with the hug and negative as with the refuse results. An escape and a reunion to what we don't stop to know, the human nature and his unconscious. The man hidden from the appareances caused by the circumstances and corporality." (Artists Statement)


Paolo Bandinu was born in San Gavino (CA) on 16 08 1984. He began his studies at the Art College of Cagliari in 2003-04, he graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari and in 2011 obtained the degree in Visual Arts and Multimedia Languages at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. He lives and works in Berlin. 


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