Pia Lindman


Currently Professor of Environmental Art at Aalto University (Finland) the Finnish-born Pia Lindman, as a Fulbright Scholar in 1999, received her second Master degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A. Lindman’s performance-based work suggests new ways of combining research and art. As Fellow and artist-in-residence at M.I.T. (2004 – 2006) she studied humanoid robots and facial expressions (both robotic and human).

After ten years of residing in New York, and professorships at both Yale University School of Art and M.I.T., she now lives and works in Berlin, Germany, and a collective eco-village in Fagervik, Finland. In Fagervik, she is building her new studio/home with straw bales and clay.

Curators’ Special

During the ikono On Air Festival she will present the work “Excerpts from the video series. Shea Stadium & Thisplace“, which is part of Berta Sichel’s curatorial selection.