Rebecca Lennon


Rebecca Lennon combines text, video, sound and performance with technical and hand made props. Disjointed non-linear narratives, instructional texts and performative actions draw the language of cinema, conspiracy, advertising, ritual and the artists own personal narrative into a confused dialogue.
In previous works she has crossed the phone lines of banks and debt collection agencies (in a homage to Angus Fairhurst), sent a debt collection agency a painting (of the letter they sent to her) as an offering for her debt, spray painted discarded objects in the street in a repetitive ritual and choreographed the bubble wrapping of a tree to various cinematic soundtracks.
Channeling her childhood obsession with cinema to play with strategies of absurdly placed and lo-fi choreography (a sudden burst of music, coloured light, a piece of yellow Perspex, an empty screen); Lennon is interested in an expanded idea of the screen as a choreographing device – confusing subjectivity and alienating voice from body with a dark humour.
In works such as ‘Eat the Art’, the voice of the performer is imposed on the viewer, who, lit by green light, reads text on a mirror instructing them to eat the exhibition, choke and die – violently and cinematically, becoming the artwork. In other works, uses of ‘you’, ‘we’ and ‘I’ are confused and different audiences may operate in one piece, making subjectivity float and move around, sometimes getting lost in the process.
Lennon’s most recent video performance sees the artist sitting behind a totem of synchronised monitors while a voice narrates the History of the Zero from the Mayan shell, (the God of Sacrifice) to the Circle, the Loop, to Love, to Cleaning to Food and back to Sacrifice again. Narrated by film director Gillies Mackinnon, the narrative ends with a sacrificial eating dance, where once our food has become clean we eat ourselves.
Solo exhibitions include ‘Don’t let It End This way, Tell Them I Said Something’, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, 2012; ‘We are Stuck Here Together’, Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, 2010; ‘Since they got rid of time, Galerie Metro, Berlin, Germany, 2008. Group exhibition, screenings and performances include Transitio_MX Festival, Mexico City, Mexico, 2013 (forthcoming); ‘Fresh Trauma’, Ceri Hand Gallery, London, UK, 2013; ‘Tourist Information Centre’, Supercollider, Blackpool, UK, 2013; We Object!’, Aid&Abet, Cambridge, UK, 2013; ‘The Hand That Hold the Desert Down, Edinburgh Modern Film School, Edinburgh, UK, 2013;’ The History of the Zero’, Art 13 performances, London , UK, 2013; ‘Notes on an Autobiography’, Limoncello Gallery Punctuation Programme, London 2012; ‘Move Forward’ New Mexican European Media Art, Halle (Saale) Germany, 2012; ‘Still Outside (or Unexplained)’, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK, 2012; ’10 Chapters’, Banner Repeater, London, UK 2012

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