Tamara Lorenz

Tamara Lorenz "From the daily progress report I see a table talk, which is dedicated to very normal everyday life, full of doubts and contemplation. With no guarantee I am trying to give important issues back to myself. Sovereignty is not relevant. The laws are unwritten and ignored. The true shape things is a lie. Just because of a jerky relaxation between the field of memory and the field of perception there are occuring indefinite characteristics the things. They rest in their roll, within which the fullness of meaning has switched. It is like they had decided for a life of its own. As they would satirize the normal course of life. Even themes, which could be discussed randomly, belong to the most normal thing in the world. Though their factors of strangeness are swinging between confidence and presumption. Therefore one does not know, if they got up or if they are getting up to something. Sometimes they are amusing or they blurb up with a belch, which tastes like bitter orange-jam. An easy blunder of cultivation in the mind of a catagories-catalog. 
With a head shiver I hear an appeal to the centre of the arrangement, that there is from now on another breeze in the air („The show must go on!“). Without the cognitions of brain-researcher all the other outcomes would be shnick shnack. Fortunately the brain produces context constantly, it does not matter if it is real or not. The conformed fundamental terms are rotating with all the other table talks: everyday occurrences, banality, irony are interfering with each other to one superposition. Thus no reason to crank the dynamo of panic, because it’s not yet time to go. (Tamara Lorenz)

On Air: Tamara Lorenz

The ikono On Air Festival is showing three films by Tamara Lorenz Operator, Soapopera and Dropdown. Operator (2005) A person is expressing air of inflated bags. They behave in different manner. Soapopera (2005) Inflated bags are falling in the frame. One by one they are filling the image. One third kind of a daily saop on a quite afternoon. dropdown (2005) Inflated bags are falling in a white playing field. The gamer fails the job to keep them in the air. - Homepage of Tamara Lorenz - www.tamaralorenz.de