Tara Cook

Tara Cook - Re-cog-nition RE-COG-NITION by Tara Cook explores the question: “What is the work of art in the digital age, in relation to the contemporary state of interactive art and electronics?” A cracked LCD TV hangs on the gallery wall. As the audience approach, their presence causes changes in the image. Abstraction unfolds. The image from a video input connected to the broken TV is distorted through the dysfunctional character of the screen. As audiences simultaneously recognise both themselves and the surface of the technological other, the work acts as both a mirror and a window, revealing both the human and the technological. Instead of a disconnected, mediated experience, RE-COG-NITION connects the audience to the immediacy of technology. (ISEA2013) Tara Cook is a Melbourne based contemporary media artist, academic and gallery director. Her practice involves the creation of interactive, temporal, expanded and embodied works theoretically centred around relationships with technology. Tara has exhibited artworks nationally in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney as well as internationally in Bulgaria, China, Greece and Japan. Tara has exhibited at such places as The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Sydney Opera House, Carriageworks, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Blindside, Bus Projects, First Draft, Chalkhorse, TwentybyThirty, New Low and Art Beat. Tara has been the recipient of a Sydney City Council grant and a GBK Award. Tara recently exhibited at the Melbourne City Council’s “White Night”, “BYOB” at the RMIT Design Hub and OtherFilm Festival 2012. -> Homepage of Tara Cook : taracook.tumblr.com -> Channel Festival Curators Selection