Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Tim Noble (1966, Stroud, UK) and Sue Webster (1967, Leicester, UK) met as Fine Art students at Nottingham Trent University in 1986 where they both arrived a day late for class. The artists have officially collaborated since 1996 and are associated with the post-YBA (Young British Artist) generation of artists. Noble and Webster’s artistic persona, along with their status as a couple, is intrinsic to the meaning of their works. In 2009, they were awarded Honorary Doctor of Arts degrees at Nottingham Trent University in recognition of their contribution to contemporary British Art.

On Air: Forever by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Tim Noble and Sue Webster display an anti-conformist punk attitude, fusing high and low art to produce ironically seductive works. Forever is exceptional as it’s one of the earliest Light Sculptures in the artists’ body of work. Originally commissioned in 1996 by a public arts organisation, it was installed on top of a bus shelter in London’s Tottenham Court Road, flashing brightly to illuminate the grey urban surroundings. Constructed using carnival lights, the bold form of the word Forever signifies advertising’s subliminal communicative power, and conceptually the sculpture plays with notions of everlasting love. In 2002, it seduced a collector who bought the work for $150,000 at a New York auction. -> Homepage of the Artist: www.timnobleandsuewebster.com -> Tim Noble & Sue Webster on Wikipedia From the Sedition Selection