Ulrike Haage


The composer, pianist, sound artist and radio drama author Ulrike Haage is one of the most multifaceted artists in Germany today. She once starred on the piano with all-women big-band Reichlich Weiblich, and went on to join up with Katharina Franck as the core of the highly acclaimed Rainbirds.
She collaborated on genre-crossing and experimental projects with musicians like Alfred Harth, FM Einheit, Phil Minton and contributed to theatre productions in Zürich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin. Ulrike Haage also composes and directs contemporary works for radio and for her own audio label Sans Soleil. “Every single tone and sound possesses meaning, every moment of suspension integrates into the structure, every song is a piece of art. What has never been heard departs on a tone & returns on a sound wave, measured in time immemorial and doubled in mirrors. Ulrike Haage brings to light hidden sounds – in the moment and for all eternity.”(Klaus Hübner).
In 2003, she received the German Jazz Award (Albert-Mangelsdorff-Preis) for her outstanding and versatile life work to date – especially for her musical projects at the interface of pop, art and avant-garde. Following SÈlavy (2004) and Weisses Land (2006), she has released her third solo album (2011) entitled In:finitum. Ulrike Haage lives and works in Berlin