We Are The Not Dead – Portraits of Soldiers Before, During, and After War

“Photographer Lalage Snow, who is currently based in Kabul, Afghanistan, embarked on an 8-month-long project titled We Are The Not Dead featuring portraits of soldiers from Britian before, during, and after their deployment in Afghanistan,” writes MyModernMet. “Similar to Claire Felicie’s series of monochromatic triptychs,… Read More

Looted art returned to Afghanistan

“The British Museum has assisted in the return of 843 artefacts to Afghanistan, almost 20 years after they were stolen or smuggled abroad. The items include examples of the Begram Ivories, seen at the British Museum’s Afghanistan 2011 exhibition, and an important sculpture of Buddha…. Read More

How to use an Afghan wooden box camera “kamra-e-faoree”

The Afghan Box Camera Project provides a record of the kamra-e-faoree (instant camera) which as a living form of photography is on the brink of disappearing in Afghanistan. In this video, Qalam Nabi, one of the last two remaining box camera photographers in Kabul demonstrates… Read More

Afghan museum highlights country’s Buddhist heritage

“Afghanistan achieved global notoriety when the Taliban blew up the ancient Bamiyan Buddhas 11 years ago. This week opened an exhibition that highlights the country’s rich Buddhist heritage” writes The Daily Star. As if to underline the departure from Taliban-era aesthetics, the exhibition is being… Read More

Shamsia Hassani – Spray-painting the streets of Kabul

Inside the blackened ruin of Kabul’s cultural centre, a spray-painting of a woman in a burqa sits at the foot of a staircase to nowhere, beside a line of poetry mourning everything that has been lost to Afghanistan in three decades of violence. The painting… Read More

Afghan calligrapher creates world’s largest Koran

“An Afghan calligrapher has worked for five years to create the world’s biggest Koran, a bid to show the world that Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage and traditions have been damaged but not destroyed by 30 years of war. The lavish book has pages 2.28 meters… Read More

Hidden treasures from Afghanistan revisited

The “Hidden treasures from the National Museum of Afghanistan, Kabul exhibition is no longer on view, but it has created quite a lot of material on the web worthwhile checking out. This is not for people with an attention span of ten seconds, but if… Read More

At the Kabul Museum – Cool under Fire

In Afghanistan not even the museum pieces are safe. Rory Stewart, writer, explorer and politician, returns to Kabul to capture the perilous existence—and enduring power—of its treasures … From INTELLGENT LIFE magazine: “Two vast and mostly trunkless legs of stone stand in the hall; near… Read More

Afghan woman uses art to heal war’s orphans

“Since the U.S. war in Afghanistan began 10 years ago, violence has orphaned tens of thousands of children. One Afghan woman is trying to help them heal – with art. Roya Doste, CBS News correspondent Mandy Clark reports, is no regular arts teacher, and the… Read More

Piece by piece, Afghanistan reclaims its history

While everyone else is worrying about Afghanistan’s future, a dedicated band of men and women is gathering up its past, hoping that a growing museum collection will show the world Afghan culture is more sophisticated than the tide of news reports suggest. Picture taken September… Read More