Hackpact: Generative Art Soundmachines

define( “HACKPACT” ) = “1. Write some code each day for one month // 2. Document your work // 3. Share it” ; Showcase of 20 brief experiments (sound machines) we coded during november (MMXI). All of them explore the sound/graphic co-relation. Built with Processing… Read More

What do kids know about art? Only everything

MoMA Unadulterated is an unofficial audio tour created by kids. Each piece of art is analyzed by experts aged 3-10, as they share their unique, unfiltered perspective on such things as composition, the art’s deeper meaning, and why some stuff’s so weird looking. This is… Read More

Sound Installation by Zimoun and architect Hannes Zweifel

«The sound sculptures and installations of Zimoun are graceful, mechanized works of playful poetry, their structural simplicity opens like an industrial bloom to reveal a complex and intricate series of relationships, an ongoing interplay between the «artificial» and the «organic». It‘s an artistic research of… Read More

Audible Color

Audible Color

July 23rd, 2012 | Audio, Computer Art, Videos

audible color is an audio-visual instrument. Sound is generated based on color detected by a camera. Red, green and blue correspond with certain music notes. When the colors are mixed, the resulting secondary colors produce different notes. The size of the colors influences the volume… Read More

‘Caten’, an installation of moving strings

Kinetic sound installation by David Letellier. Created for the Saint Sauveur chapel in Caen, Caten is a levitating sculpture, determined by gravity and guiding the evolution of a sound composition. 300 fine wires suspended from two ropes, connected themselves at each end to a slowly… Read More

Lecture: Francisco López – An ideal of absolute concrète music

Internationally recognized as one of the major figures of the sound art and experimental music scene, Francisco Lopez has developed an astonishing sonic universe over the past 30 years. Having realized hundreds of concerts, field recording projects, workshops and sound installations in over 60 countries,… Read More

Ballad of the Psychotropic Robots

Real-time procedurally generated visuals and audio. The algorithm injects the concept of “Interest Curves” into the generation of the music to give the feeling of hand-crafted progression. The visuals respond to the audio accordingly. All the visuals in this project are also procedurally generated. It… Read More

Resonance.fm – Art Radio from London

Imagine a radio station like no other. A radio station that makes public those artworks that have no place in traditional broadcasting. A radio station that is an archive of the new, the undiscovered, the forgotten, the impossible. That is an invisible gallery, a virtual… Read More

The Museum Of Endangered Sounds

This site was started in January of 2012 by Brendan Chilcutt as a way to preserve the sounds made famous by his favorite old technologies and electronics equipment: “For instance, the textured rattle and hum of a VHS tape being sucked into the womb of… Read More

Video of the Week: The SoundWorks Collection

The SoundWorks Collection takes you behind the scenes and straight to the dub stage for a look into audio post-production for feature films, video game sound design, and original soundtrack composition. Ok, we picked one video, but there are more where this came from. This… Read More