The Terry Gilliam Archive

Terry Gilliam’s daughter Holly started sorting out her father’s drawings, designs, sketches or whatever else she finds in the basement and puts it on a blog. Holly Gilliam: “In October 2011 I took on the mamooth task of organising my father’s archive – all his… Read More

In 30 Days, 30 Mosques

In 30 Days, 30 Mosques

July 21st, 2012 | Blogs, Islam, USA

“For the past three years, Aman Ali, 27, a comedian from Ohio, has spent Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (it began this year on July 20), visiting a different mosque every night”, writes The New York Times. “With Bassam Tariq, a photographer, he… Read More

Art of the Middle East at Art Basel 2012

Art Basel is the most significant of all the hundreds of art fairs that take place each year. It is the fair where some of the best artworks are sold for some of the highest prices. Art of the Middle East had a look at… Read More

The Future of Online Art Sales

Nicholas Forrest from The Art Market Blog starts a new series of interviews here: “The number of websites that facilitate the online sale and purchase of fine art has increased significantly over the last few years as collectors and investors become more confident in the… Read More

What is Curation?

What is Curation?

March 20th, 2012 | Blogs, Curators, Videos

This is the first in a series of videos from explaining the shifts we’re seeing in the world of content creation. Curation has exploded with the growth of Twitter, Tumblr and now Pinterest. In this video, we wanted to try to get into the… Read More

Cubicleism – Art Appreciation, Cubicle-style

Meet Bill Taylor, a data manager in Durham, North Carolina who recreates iconic works of art on a whiteboard in his cube. He spends only two to five minutes per day on his drawings, taking roughly six weeks to finish each piece — and then… Read More

African Digital Art

“African Digital Art has presented unparalleled ideas, individual work by insightful designers and creatives across the globe. ADA has become a platform for innovation and inspiration with a sophisticated blend of fresh talent and successful designers and artists. Pushing Digital Boundaries has become the tag… Read More

Phone Arts – Original works created with iOS

This is one of the more interesting art projects revolving around Apple’s touch devices – Phone Arts is a series of works that highlights pieces made specifically with the iPhone or the iPod touch. Phone Arts is an International collaborative project experimenting using only the… Read More

Tate and Vodafone Begin New Partnership by Launching Tate Debates

“Tate and Vodafone today announced a new partnership to develop online and mobile technologies for Tate’s galleries and website. The partnership launches with Tate Debates, a weekly online discussion on Tate’s blog to encourage people to share their ideas and opinions about art. In the… Read More

From Me to You

From Me to You

April 26th, 2011 | Blogs, Fashion, Photography

Some amazing animated GIFs from NYC Photographer Jamie Beck can be found on her really cool fashion blog From Me to You Give the image above a moment to load please.