Bosnia’s National Museum closes after 124 years

Bosnia’s National Museum, founded in the 19th century and home to a famed 600-year old Jewish manuscript known as the Sarajevo Haggadah, closed its doors indefinitely Thursday due to political disputes and a lack of funding. “Such a complex institution cannot function by improvisations. The… Read More

Sarajevo museums under siege

Artist Damir Niksic staged a sit-in during January against the possible closure of the National Museum. Staff unpaid and buildings unheated as Bosnia’s national museums fight for their survival. What on earth is going on in Bosnia? Zoe Larkins had a look for The Art… Read More

A Nuclear Bunker Comes In From the Cold as an Art Gallery in Sarajevo

Villu Jaanisoo, an Estonian artist, hung hundreds of utility lights from the ceiling of a bunker maintenance room. Image by Biennial Directorate Archive “The Yugoslav Army would have been hard pressed to find a more scenic spot to build a nuclear bunker,” writes the New… Read More

Abandoned Oddities in Former Yugoslavia

This looks like something built by little green men to inform us earthlings that our planet has to go and make room for a new intergalactic mega-highway, but it turns out that this sculpture (any many others) were actually commissioned by president Tito of former… Read More

Turbo Sculpture – The weird post-historical statues in former Yugoslavia

Did you know they have big statues of Bruce Lee, Johnny Depp, Bill Clinton, Samantha Fox, Johnny Weissmüller and some other media figures in Serbia? Art Fag City: “After the highly publicized Bruce Lee monument was erected in Mostar, a city and municipality in Bosnia… Read More

Bosnia turns Tito nuclear bunker into art gallery

The Associated Press: “It was built to withstand nuclear war, a secret bunker to shelter communist Yugoslavia’s strongman and his inside circle. Decades later, the massive underground complex is about to be reborn as one of the world’s quirkiest art galleries. A Kalashnikov-toting soldier still… Read More