The artists

JANET BIGGS – Airs above the Ground
JOHANNA DOMKE – Stultifera Garden
ADAD HANNAH - The Raft of Medusa
LUZIA HÜRZLER – Self Portrait with a Cat
CLARE LANGAN – The Floating World

Blinkvideo is a professional website for research of video art, performance and multimedia installations. Anita Beckers and Julia Sökeland initiated the video platform blinkvideo on the background of their own experience that video art research is very time-consuming.
The web platform connects galleries worldwide and gives the possibility to present their artists online. Since March 2012 there is already a pool of over 900 video works to be looked at on the web. It is a great demand and the portal is growing very quickly.
The target audience consists primarily of art professionals such as curators (independent or associated with an institution / museum), collectors, journalists, gallery owners, art students, university professors, and related members of the art world. The use of the site is free of charge. The audience is able to use the website to access information about media artists independent of exhibition calendars or opening times and, in particular, through accreditation will be able to watch video work in full length. The search parameters allow keyword searches by genre, topic and associative terms.
Additionally you find curated shows, presentations of video collections and screenings by media art university classes. You can get in contact directly with the representing galleries in order to buy or exhibit a video work.
For the participating galleries it simplifies all of a gallery’s technical processing – from video conversion into appropriate Internet formats to the provision of contracts. blinkvideo is a good overview tool to research video artists and their work.

 The curators

Julia Sökeland and Anita Beckers initiated the internet platform, a professional website for research of video art, performance and multimedia installations.

Julia Sökeland is gallerist and curator. In the last 15 years she co-founded and operated art agents gallery in Hamburg and worked as chairwoman in the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg. Based on the experiences of over 50 exhibitions in the gallery Julia Sökeland has often dealt with the problems of handling the moving image. This led her to the desire to create a modern medium, which is able to be time-saving when it comes to the mediation and research of the moving picture.  The internet platform blinkvideo were jointly developed with Anita Beckers, Frankfurt.

The website is meant as a “living” library for the moving picture. blinkvideo matches the medium well, since it goes far beyond a temporary limit of a period presentation in an exhibition or a screening; it is able to screen, password protected, complete artistic works. The target of blinkvideo is to provide the largest possible number of high-quality work, represented by the artist’s galleries. Controlled by keywords it enables a fast and efficient investigation.

blinkvideo is preferably devoted to an “experts audience“, to offer them a bundling of useful and qualitative information and links for a specific research. Festivals and important events which revolve around the moving picture will be regularly linked. The cooperation between curators, collectors and artists guarantees a permanent update in the development of the time-based media. Performance art also counts as an important sector, because of its recording options.