Christian Ganzenberg

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The Artists

Marcellvs L
-0667 (Videorhizome films)
-0778 (Videorhizome films)
-1716 (Videorhizome films)
-3195 (Videorhizome films)

Patrick Fabian Panetta
-In Regard of 20th Century
-Proxy Films

Benedikt Partenheimer
-White Horse

Adina Popescu
-Pa Pa Power

Santiago Sierra
-Obstruction of freeway with a trucks trailer

Luca Trevisani

Curator’s Bio

Christian Ganzenberg is a curator and art critic. He studied Cultural Studies in Stuttgart and Pittsburgh. He presently works for the Daimler Kunst Sammlung in Berlin, where he runs the project space 5x6x9. His current PhD studies are on the development of artist books and writing since the 1960s.