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Goodnight Kiwi or; Tonights broadcast has now ended, regular transmission will resume at 6am.

Before the advent of 24 hour broadcasting in 1994 the evening closedown of New Zealand state television was signaled first by a two-minute animation called the Goodnight Kiwi, then followed by several hours of either static or a television test pattern.

These 12 videos are offered as a collection of alternative sign-offs, transitions into the post- broadcast hour and/or potential place holders to fill the twilight hours between regular broadcasts.

Alternately humorous, abstract and challenging, Goodnight Kiwi presents a series of direct addresses to the viewer specifically designed to be broadcast between the hours of 2-4am.

Reflecting the often solitary and ritual nature of technological occupation, Goodnight Kiwi variously offers aesthetic transformation, mass media critique or moments of personal reflection arising from the effects of exhausted wakefulness.

The Artists

Curators Choice: Circuit – Goodnight Kiwi
Daniel von Sturmer – Colour Bars (06:59) 
Bryce Galloway – Untitled (hair transposal video) (11:12) 
Bronwyn Holloway-Smith – Pod (03:55) 
Miranda Parkes – Boob Reflection (02:05) 
Mike Heynes – Ghost Town (07:33) 
Ben Holmes – TV Hooks (05:44) 
Gemma Syme – This is driving me quackers (02:59) 
Clinton Watkins – Light (06:01) 
Lydia Chai – Moon Rising (04:36) 
NA Royal – Binary State (12:51)
Johannes Contag – The Twilight Drone (48:00)

Curated by Mark Williams, Director, CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video, Aotearoa New Zealand

About Circuit

CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand is an arts agency that supports New Zealand artists working in the moving image through distribution, critical review and research.

Founded in 2012, CIRCUIT maintains the online resource which streams over 400 videos by New Zealand artists, and reviews contemporary exhibitions through written word and the monthly CIRCUIT podcast.

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