Image: Still from Eamon Ore-Giron - Bite Work - 2011

Body Shop - Selections from the Kadist Collection by artist Tony Labat

For the 2013 ikono On Air Festival, Kadist have selected video works that incorporate the body as a catalyst for representation, use/abuse, and primary material. Power relations and societal representations are investigated and presented in relation to media, power relations and politics through actions specifically designed and mediated through the camera.

The Artists

Eamon Ore-Giron – Bite Work – 2011
Jennifer Locke – Choke – 2005
Miljohn Ruperto – Acting Exercise: Demon Possession –  2009
Kate Gilmore – Higher Horse – 2008
Liz Cohen – Hydroforce – 2011

Institution Bio

Kadist Art Foundation encourages the contribution of the arts to society, conducting programs primarily with artists represented in its collection to promote their role as cultural agents. Kadist’s collections and productions reflect the global scope of contemporary art, and its programs develop collaborations between Kadist’s local contexts (Paris, San Francisco) and artists, curators and art institutions worldwide.



Tony Labat at Gallery Paule Anglim


Image: Still from Eamon Ore-Giron – Bite Work – 2011

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