Karin Adrian van Roques (GER)



HUDA LUTFI – Cairo Resonances

KHALED HAFEZ – The A77A Project: On presidents and Superheroes (2009)

- Revolution

FAISAL SAMRA – Distorted Reality

MOUNIR FATMI - Colors of Deportation

KARIMA AL SHOMALY – Internal Dialogue

HASSAN MEER – The Last Path


Curator’s Bio

Karin Adrian von Roques is a noted German curator and art historian who after studying history of Islamic art specialized in contemporary Arab and Iranian art. Karin Adrian von Roques has curated exhibitions for numerous institutions, in Europe and abroad including the Museum of Applied Arts, Frankfurt; Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Bonn; Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris; the Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi. She has had extensive experience developing Arab art collections, and has been advisor for Deutsche Bank’s collection program focused on contemporary Arab art. Most recently, Karin Adrian von Roques served as a consultant to Sotheby’s, London, advising their Modern and Contemporary Arab and Iranian Art Department. She was a member of the international jury for the 11th International Cairo Biennale and served as a key panelist at the roundtable conference “Global Art in a Global Culture” held at Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York, in 2007. She held many lectures i.e. at the Sorbonne in Paris or at the museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Teheran, wrote books about the oriental carpet, contributed to catalogues and writes regularly for newspapers and art magazines. She has a keen interest in world cultures and promoting Italian, Spanish, Persian, Arab).understanding between them and a commitment to increasing understanding of the Islamic world. She learned 7 languages (German, English, French,

For the past fifteen years, Mrs. Adrian von Roques’ particular focus has concentrated on modern and contemporary art from the Arab world. Upon finishing her studies of Islamic Art, she pioneered academic exploration and exposure of unique artists in this field. Among many peers and collectors in this now rapidly emerging art scene, Mrs. Adrian von Roques’ depth and perspective is considered to be unparalleled. Twelve years ago she conducted a groundbreaking poll amongst the leading gallery owners at western art fairs such as Art Basel, Art Cologne or Fiac in Paris. In this famous poll, she questioned why these galleries do not represent Arab artists in their programs; the startling result – that they had scant basis upon which top build intercultural dialogue necessary to bridge the divide. Resolving this dilemma facing the potential success of modern and contemporary Arab art became Mrs. Adrian von Roques pure objective, and she immediately began a series of strategic exhibitions through which concepts ingrained within the works of Arab artists would be brought to the attention of a broader public through museum shows and gallery exhibitions. At the same time, being aware of the fact that this art was posited within a wider socio-political dialogue, Mrs. Adrian von Roques organized and participated in seminars, auctions, interviews, and publications through which she galvanized intercultural dialogue on the subject.

Actually she is curating the next Biennial in Houston/ Texas organized by FotoFest which will take place in March/ April 2014. The focus of the Biennial is contemporary Arab photography, video and mixed-media art.


Karin Adrian von Roques at Global Art Museum