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For the ikono On Air Festival, Nadine Gandy and the Gandy Gallery will feature the following works:

Ibro Hasanović – Defragmentation of Movement – 2006
Annelies Štrba -  Berlin – 2000 – and New York – 1999
Michèle Sylvander -  Un vague désire – 2012 – and La Repetition – 2012
Adam Vackar - Slap – 2007

Curator’s Bio

Nadine Gandy was born in Limoges, France. Educated in Art History, she completed her master’s dissertation on The Aesthetics in Thomas Mann’s work. She then went on to become an independent broker of modern and contemporary art dividing her time between London and Paris. During her residency at the CAPC in Bordeaux, she started to move towards becoming a gallery owner.

In 1992, her interest in “New Europe” and its rebirth after the fall of the Berlin wall inspired her to open in Prague the first private space after communism. She regularly organized exhibitions and publications with artists including Nan Goldin, Lawrence Wiener, Joseph Grigely, Douglas Gordon, Matali Crasset, Jochen Gerz, Daniel Buren, Jonas Mekas and Wim Delvoye, who exhibited for the first time in this territory. Among many others, the Czech Vaclav Stratil and Jiri David joined her gallery.

In 2005, Gandy moved to Bratislava, Slovakia, in order to further develop her relationship with artists working in the countries of the former Soviet Union, including Danica Dakic, Roza El-Hassan, Orshi Drozdik, Adam Vackar, Pavlina Fichta Cierna, Denisa Lehocka and Zbynek Baladran.

Through her gallery and the artists that she exhibits, Nadine Gandy interrogates several themes including the body, identity, insecurity, self-determination, migration and transformation. Additionally, she alludes to problems arising from intercultural and intercommunity. By choosing to open her gallery in Bratislava she has opened the door to new experiences. Gandy Gallery is a zone where definitions continue to evolve, and a dynamic zone is fostered where intellectualism and spirituality ensure the plurality of the gallery. The gallery fosters ongoing research, discoveries, experimentations and carefully constructed relationships in a tireless and passionate manner.

Nadine Gandy is Chevalier des Art et des Lettres.


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