20 Years of monochrom

Posted June 3rd, 2013 under Austria, Contemporary Art, Technology, Videos

Wow, it’s been 20 years since art/tech group “monochrom” started as a fanzine in Vienna and by now the group is recognized as a pioneer in whatever we want to call this mix of art and technology they represent. They call it CONTEXT HACKING (How to Mess with Art, Media, Law and the Market).

“23 WORKS” is a video series documenting the history of the monochrom and there is a lot of stuff to cover (Soviet Unterzoegersdorf for example!). monochrom has chosen 23 projects, anecdotes and stories out of their 20 years of material and recreated them as dioramas and machines. The group presented these objects at their exhibition “Die waren früher auch mal besser/They used to be better (monochrom 1993-2013)”. All 23 videos were shot at MUSA Vienna in spring 2013.

Number 16: “The World Of Art In The East”

Number 12: “Viennese Scene Conversations”

With the participation of Kerstin Halm and Sarah Strauss.

-> 23 Works on Vimeo