Amy Granat – 2+1+1+2 (for Niki)

Posted September 5th, 2013 under Festival

Amy Granat - 2+1+1+2 (for Niki)
Amy Granat makes abstract films without using a camera. Instead she uses color or acid and scratches and puncturesg the film strip. The manual modifications create a variety of reflections and distortions that, through projecting them, generate their own pictures and shapes.

On Air: Amy Granat – 2+1+1+2 (For Niki)

amy granat 2+1+1+2 (for Niki)
2008, 6 min., 16mm film (black and white and color, silent)

In the film 2+1+1+2 (for Niki) Amy Granat makes a reference to a late work by Niki de Saint Phalle, La Cabeza (1999), the outdoor sculpture of a skull. As an homage to Saint Phalle, Granat has filmed a much smaller, traditional Dia de los Muertos skull.

Purchased with funds provided by The Fund for the Twenty-First Century

Amy Granat was born 1976 in Saint Louis, Missouri. She lives and works New York City, USA.

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