What is the difference between ikono, ikonoMENASA, and ikonoTV?

ikono is our broader creative production company and broadcaster. ikono produces all of our videos and broadcasts them through its two HDTV channels, ikonoTV in Germany and ikonoMENASA in the Middle East, North Africa, parts of South Asia and Southern Europe.

Why do many of ikono’s productions have no sound or narration?

We do not add sound or narrative elements to our videos to allow our international audience to experience the art without additional distraction or language barriers, unless sound is part of the original artwork.

What kind of artwork does ikono feature?

ikono presents a wide range of cultural heritage that includes work from antiquity through the contemporary period. This provides the audience with broad access to video, film, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic art, and architecture from around the globe.

Why can’t I see all of ikono’s content online?

Due to copyright regulations, some films may only be screened online for a temporary period. Some of our films also rely heavily on high-resolution and cannot be viewed with internet-quality resolution. Many of our productions have been shortened for free online viewing with the option to download the full version for a small fee.

How can I tune into ikonoMENASA?

To watch ikonoMENASA in the Middle East and North Africa through ArabSat’s network, tune in with a HD Satellite receiver to ArabSat BADR-6 Satellite. Frequency: 11785 MHz, Polarisation: V, SR: 27500 KS/s, FEC: 3⁄4.
In the United Arab Emirates, tune in to Etisalat’s network on channel 484. In Dubai, ikonoMENASA is available on du, channel 410. In Beirut, it is broadcasted via Solidere IPTV Broadband Network, channel 232.


How does the content for ikonoMENASA differ from ikonoTV?

ikonoMENASA features art from all over the world with respect to the cultural sensitivities of the specific broadcasting region. Furthermore, a portion of its programming focuses on art from the region, ranging from 14th century Persian miniatures to contemporary video artists.

How can I tune into ikonoTV?

You can receive ikonoTV in Germany through Entertain, an IPTV package offered by Telekom, on channel 458. ikonoTV is offered through Telekom’s IPTV MediaBox, which many households in Germany already own.


Did the channel change?

Our program was formerly on channel 457 but is now broadcasted on channel 458 as of June 1, 2012.

Where can I read more about ikono’s projects?

We have a very active blog, where you can stay updated on news of the art world as well as news from ikono. We are also on Facebook, Vimeo, and Twitter, and would love it if you joined us there.

How can I have my artwork featured on ikonoTV or ikonoMENASA?

We encourage submissions of your artwork! Just send us a video or still image of your work or take part in one of our Open Calls.

Does ikono collaborate with art schools?

Yes. We strongly encourage students to submit their work using the method described in the link above. ikono has collaborated with art schools on various projects and workshops in the past and looks forward to future opportunities.

How can I partner with ikono?

ikono frequently collaborates with art institutions and other partners on workshops, events, production services, broadcasting, distribution through our online shop, and is open to other possibilities. We are supported by brands that share our mission to make art internationally accessible to all while giving viewers the opportunity to encounter works of art on an independent, personal level.