Mediterranean meets Middle East – IkonoTV at the Thessaloniki Biennale 2011

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ikonoTV presents selected art works on three monitors at the 3rd Thessaloniki Biennial

ikonoTV is proud to be presented at the Thessaloniki Biennale 2011, Old Intersections – Make It New, which focuses on the Mediterranean as well as on the Middle Eastern regions and their intercultural exchange. It will take place at the magic location of Bey Hamam, alternatively known as the “Baths of Paradise”, a Turkish bathhouse located along Egnatia Street in Thessaloniki, east of Panagia Chalkeon. Built in 1444 by sultan Murad II, it was the first Ottoman bath in Thessaloniki and the most important one still standing throughout Greece.

As a unique platform for the arts, ikono has launched a TV channel – ikonoMenasa – which is revolutionizing the presentation of art and architecture beyond spatial boundaries.

It is through ikonoMenasa’s work in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), serving as a connecting platform for artists, curators, and museums, that ikono offers a new perspective of what is happening in the artistic scene of both the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

In an attempt to raise awareness for rather unknown art spaces, ikono presents selected films on the art works at Afghan art school Turqoise Mountain. Also featured at the 3rd Thessaloniki Biennale is Ulysses Syndrome by Soundwalk Collective – a photographic series and sound recording, which ikono transformed into a 24-hour film piece, playing every few weeks on our Friday Focus special program. On a second screen, curated thematic programs are being presented: on Miniature art – featuring a broad spectrum of artists from around the world such as Aisha Khalid or Alan Wolfson. A third monitor in the exhibition will feature highlights from our general program, where we showcase renowned and established artists and emerging young talents, together with a high amount of content on ancient art and cultural heritage from the region presented in a contemporary way.