ikono On Air Festival

6 – 29 September 2013

For the first time in TV history, ikono has launched an arts festival taking place exclusively on TV and live webstream. Until the 29th September 2013, the ikono On Air Festival will air a daily program of over 200 international established and emerging video artists. The festival can be experienced through the HDTV channels ikonoTV and ikono MENASA, which currently reach over 30 countries worldwide, and is also available on all mobile devices including computers, tablets and smartphones. If you are in Berlin, you can catch the ikono On Air Festival at a number of cafes, bars and cultural institutions.

The ikono On Air Festival follows ikono’s vision of building a visual bridge between periods of time, various movements and disciplines throughout art history. Contemporary perspectives on filmmaking and other time-based art forms from the last decades are linked with ikono video clip highlights featuring art from antiquity to modern classics. The ikono On Air Festival invites the audience to trace the perception of time within the arts, while the featured artworks challenge ideas of social space, everyday life and the possibilities of cultural communication.



The ikono On Air Festival is available on:

ikonoTV Livestream (online)
from 6th September 2013 on www.ikono.org,
on all mobile devices such as Smart Phones, tablets, computers and SmartTV.

ikonoTV worldwide (IPTV, SmartTV)
in Germany with Telekom Entertain Box, Channel 458 in Italy with Cubovision, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland via Red Bull Media House/Kathrein Smart TV-Sat-Receiver UFS 924 in France with Free, Channel 150 (end September 2013) and in all SmartTV sets.

ikonoMENASA (Satellite, IPTV)
in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia with ArabSat (Satellite: BADR-5, Frequency: 11785 MHz, Polarisation: V, SR:27500KS/s, FEC 3/4)

* in the United Arab Emirates with Etisalat, Channel 484

* in Dubai with Du, Channel 410

* in Beirut with Solidere IPTV Broadband Network, Channel 232

* in Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, and Tunisia, with Ooredoo (from autumn 2013).

For complementary information about any work of art or artist, please check the program and archive on www.ikono.org/stream.


About ikono

ikono is a media platform displaying and broadcasting visual arts. Founded in 2006, ikono follows Elizabeth Markevitch’s vision that “art needs to be seen, and people need to see art, because art reaches across cultural and religious barriers for touching the hearts and engaging the minds around the world.” Through its two HDTV channels, ikonoMENASA (since December 2010) and ikonoTV (since December 2011) ikono broadcasts a unique program dedicated to the arts of all epochs from antiquity to contemporary art – 24/7 and in HD. ikono’s program is shaped and produced in cooperation with more than 400 international artists and over 200 collections and archives and the most important museums of the world. All productions are free from additional sound or commentary making it possible for an international audience to have a pure visual and emotional art experience.

The HDTV channels ikonoMENASA and ikonoTV are viewable in more than 30 countries worldwide (average technical HD reach: 37 million households). To complete the TV program, a rich background of information is published on the homepage www.ikono.org and on digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube, Daily Motion and Arte Creative.

Image on top of page:
Sadik Kwaish Alfraji
The House That My Father Built, 2010 Multimedia Installation (installation view at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha, Qatar, 2010)
© Sadik Kwaish Alfraji
Courtesy of the Artist & Ayyam Gallery