We are looking for video art, animations, motion graphics, etc. under ten minutes or high resolution images for us to produce short films from. Please use the relevant application (Still or Motion) for your submission. We are not looking for documentaries, narrative videos, commercial content, total or partial nudity, religious scenes, etc.

Artist Info

Details for the original work

 16:9 4:3 Other
 HD SD Other
 Mute Mono Stereo Dolby SR
 h264 Other

Please provide a link to your video on an active URL. Your video must be viewable to the public. (Example:, Vimeo, YouTube, Custom URL) Videos of High Definition(HD) are preferred for previewing and screening purposes.

Upon acceptance you will be required to upload a high quality version of the artwork along with full credit information. We will contact you at the above e-mail address with guidelines for this should you be required to do so.

I declare that music rights are cleared for TV as well as internet.
I accept the terms and conditions.