Production Service

ikono produces unique films on art works, art collections, exhibitions and art events, presenting them to the viewer as they are, without any added narratives or sounds that could interfere with the visual experience.

A team of art historians, curators and highly skilled cameramen work together to create a unique visual artistic experience for the viewer, at the same time, making each art work timeless and contemporary.

This trailer production service is available to all museums, galleries, art institutions, corporate and private entities supporting visual arts, wanting to help ikono achieve its goal as well as increase visibility for their work or the work of artists they support.

In combination to our ikono Widget (small media player featuring a customizable playlist), these trailers can be embedded anywhere on a webpage, they can be spread through internet’s social networks, be broadcasted on the ikonoMenasa or ikonoTV channels or through ikono’s Vimeo and Youtube channels. These trailers a are also a good addition to a press kit and offer a new form of artistic and informative marketing.

For ideas on how YOUR trailer could look, check-out our page

Our team will be glad to inform you further on what our trailer production services can do for you; contact us at !