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12 music miniatures on the life of Eva Hesse.


1984 - 1989 pianist and composer of the first european womens jazz orchester Reichlich Weiblich. This band had an enormous success after a memorable gig at the Jazz Festival Moers 1987, because of its audacious mixture of styles and the use of electronics within an orchestra line up.

Eva Hesse (1936-1970) is one of the leading figures of the international art scene in the 1960s. An icon, she left a complete work of unrivalled aesthetics and sensitivity which manifests the attitude of a whole generation. As a child the family had fled from Hamburg to escape Nazi-persecution. They emigrated to New York, where she studied under Joseph Albers, consistently fighting for recognition in a male dominated art world for the rest of her life.

Ulrike Haage presents "Alles aber Anders" a mediation about Eva Hesse, her works and the materials she used in a perseptive sound artistic composition, which makes the sensuality of her sculptures and materials audible.

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