Daniela Villanueva and Mara Soler – Etereas / Ethereal


Posted October 17th, 2013

Daniela Villanueva and Mara Soler founded the Flaminguettes after working in well-renowned animation studios including El Taller, Viumasters and Flare Backpack. Both Villanueva and Soler have lead conceptual projects that have set the standard for a new animation scene in Mexico. Between them, they have won several awards including 2 Ariel nominations in 2011, 2 Financing grants through the IMCINE, 2 awards at 2 Mexico Festivals, 1 UNICEF Award, funding by Channel 22 and a grant from the INBA. Work that have participated in has been shown in festivals and countries including China, Portugal, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Spain, Cyprus, Brazil and the U.S.A.


About Etereas / Ethereal

A hula hoop floats amidst a stunning location of México city. As it moves, a dancer appears and plays wit the hoop. Every movement creates lines, impressive shapes and lights that float in the space as if being drawn to gradually create an impressive sculpture in movement.

Director / Regisseur: Daniela Villanueva, Mara Soler

Dancers / Actors: Brecken Rivara, Tiana Zoumer
Camera: Pamela Albarran
Animation: Daniela Villanueva, Mara Soler, Alejandro Caballero, Marco Garfias, Fernando Sica, Luis Núñez


Further information on the POOL Video Dance Night can be found here




Daniela Villanueva and Mara Soler Etereas / Ethereal 2013 Video The Flaminguettes Daniela Villanueva and Mara Soler Location: Mexico