Going – Gwen MacGregor


Posted September 30th, 2013

This month Ikono is proud to present Gwen MacGregor as artist of the month. Her visual inquiry of time and the ambivalent relationship between nature and technology are translated into video works that are haunting, mesmerizing and with a hint of irony, creating unexpected visual surprises.

For our Artist of the Month series we have chosen four works that we feel perfectly fit Ikono’s format and also showcase the formal and visual language of the artist.

Going – This seemingly motionless video transforms from a bucolic forest scene to the site of a nuclear power station. Photographic stills taken over two months from the same spot in Marnay sur Seine, France, were brought together and placed in reverse order (the leaves on the trees are going in instead of coming out).


Gwen MacGregor Going 2009 Video 00:01:45 Gwen MacGregor/MKG127 Gwen MacGregor Location: Marnay-sur-Siene