Laida Aldaz, Natalia Sardi and Thomas Turine – Derrière elle


Posted October 17th, 2013

Natalia Sardi was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and she grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At present she works and lives in Brussels as a dancer, choreographer, singer and teacher. She studied at the Professional Contemporary Dance School at the Theatre Gral San Martin and the National School of Dance II in Argentina. After her studies she has performed, collaborated with several choreographers, theater directors, visual artists in Argentina and Europe (Simone Forti, Oscar Araiz, Roxana Grisntein, Cruz Mata, Gustavo Firpo, Marcela Avila, Pascale Gille & Benoît Carpentier, Clément Laloy, Juan Navarro , Laura Capria, Yael Davids, and others). In parallel she creates and develops her own projects in dance, film and music, alone or in collaboration with other artists based in Brussels.

Thomas Turine is a composer, musician, sound artist and film maker. During the 1990s Turine was involved in the electro and acid house scene and performed under the pseudonym Sitoid. During the early 2000s Turine began to explore theatre and contemporary dance, and entered into a number of long, rich and intensive collaborations with several writers, directors and choreographers.

Laida Aldaz is a dancer, plastic artist and teacher. She started studying dance when she was a kid and graduated from the Official Dance school in Navarra in 2000. The same year she moved to Brussels to continue studying at PARTS, with a scholarship from the European Community. She has collaborate for several artists & companies such as David Zambrano, Julyen Hamilton, Mat Voorter, Irma Firma, Enclave Dance Company, Cacao Bleu, Zoo dance company and others.

About Derrière Elle

Derrière Elle talks about the life of an apartment. It´s objects and bodies weave particular relationships between then. The sound, the image and the movement act beyond our understanding, they question what is hidden behind the other.
Further information on the POOL Video Dance Night can be found here


Laida Aldez, Natalia Sardi and Thomas Turine Derrière elle 2009 Video Laida Aldez, Natalia Sardi and Thomas Turine