Artist of the month – Ebru Özseçen

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Ebru Özseçen was born in Izmir, Turkey, in 1971. She graduated in 1994 from Ankara Bilkent University School of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department. She received her masters degree from the department of Fine Arts and The Institute of Economics and Social Sciences of Bilkent University in 1996. From 1997 -1998, Özseçen continued her research and work at Amsterdam Rijksakademie and the Vienna Medienwerkstatt in 1998; Helsinki Suomenlinna NIFCA (Nordic Institute For Contemporary Art) in 1999; Paris Recollets Institute in 2003. Ebru Özseçen’s work stems from research in the fields of architecture and contemporary visual arts. Her work concentrates on different aspects of the psychological and sociological relationship between space and body on specific environments or locations. Her work covers the range from urban, objects, photography, video&film and drawings. The subject matter in her work concerns dualities like public and private which keep focusing on the individual memory in the contemporary society. Ebru Özseçen investigates the seemingly mundane and exposes it’s magical and unseen aspects. She reveals a space where fantasy and memory hide in plain side. Ikono is proud to present 5 video works an an exhibition tour of Özseçen’s impressive artistic portfolio.