Aqdas Tatli

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Aqdas Tatli is a freelance Art Consultant, providing services related to Art Management. He has a Masters in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London and a Masters in Management Studies, specializing in Marketing, from the University of Mumbai . Tatli has been associated with ART India magazine, The Skoda Prize, Art Dubai 2011 and India Art Collective. For his Carte Blanche, Aqdas Tatli selected works by Golnaz Fahti, Ahmad Moualla, Zakaria Ramhani, Hassan Massoudy, and Omar El-Nagdi.
Calligraphy is the form of art, which is common in this wide spread region of the MENA. It is deep rooted to the Muslim culture, which is witnessed in different forms and different styles that have evolved over a period of time. It is found in architecture, ceramic plates, textiles and almost all the objects that is part of daily life. The artists represented here in this programme have their unique style, which is their identity through their artworks. The works that have been shown here are limited and we were hoping to have more number of artworks to give broader perspective.