Christian Ganzenberg

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Curator: Christian Ganzenberg

Christian Ganzenberg has the honour to introduce the artist Luca Trevisani to the German audiance through his film „Vodorosli“ from 2009.
Christian Ganzenberg is a curator and art critic. He studied Cultural Studies in Stuttgart and Pittsburgh. He presently works for the Daimler Kunst Sammlung in Berlin, where he runs the project space 5x6x9. His current PhD studies are on the development of artist books and writing since the 1960s.

Luca Trevisani
Vodorosli, 2009

„Vodorosli can be beautiful, but, and this is what matters to me, the search for beauty is an ancient mistake. Beauty cannot be programmed, because it is always only a side-effect of other investigations. (…) It is better to forget about the boundaries between different art work as well as about the boundaries between different thoughts. There are no longer images, just sequences of images. A rythm, a song.“ (Luca Trevisani)

Luca Trevisani is one of the most promising Italian artists of his generation. Born 1979 in Verona, Trevisani studied art history in Bologna and attended a number of art classes with renowned teachers such as Tobias Rehberger and Alfredo Jaar. He has received awards such as the Premio Furla per l’Arte in 2007 and the New York Prize of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York in 2010. Trevisani has showed in galleries such as Giò Marconi, Mailand, pinksummer, Genua, or Mehdi Chouakri, Berlin, as well as in solo shows in Athens, Bergamo, Amsterdam and Rome. Recently, he was nominated for the Premio Italia Arte Contemporanea 2012.
In his work, the artist deals with the basic physical connections and philosophical topics. He creates fragile sculptures, abstract drawings as well as experimental films, which exemplarily focus on terms such as equation and balance, variability and fluctuation.