Environmental Day

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IkonoTV believes that due to changes concerning global warming and globalization, art is becoming more and more important as part of the political discourse, not only to illustrate but also to transfer ecological and environmental awareness. Environmental art can be applied in diverse contexts – dealing with the illustrations of landscapes as a mean of representation or on behalf of ecological issues. The latter started as a movement in the 1960s and 1970s, which lead to the different range of environmental art styles of that time – like urban landscapes, renewable energy sculpture, but also traditional art media like painting, sculptures, installations and performances.
IkonoMenasa and MELD have joined forces to render an homage to the planet and will present a 24 hour series on June 17, 2011 of art films/videos dedicated to issues embedded in the environment. These films will act as a catalyst for social change by provoking civic engagement, thus creating a feeling of belonging, a sense of responsibility and an experience of investment and ownership in the local, regional, national, and international communities to which citizens belong. Additionally, our goal is to generate a physical and experiential space where people learn to co-exist, connect and build trust. Such community engagement forges social contracts between people and across various associations, including civic, political and business entities. We hope ikonoMenasa and MELD will become a bridge to facilitate new dialogues in the world.
Artists participating: Bill Viola – The reflecting Pool / Burt Barr – The Frog / Alexander Schellow – The Tirana Walk / Ben Jeans Houghton – TSU / Danae Stratou – Raising awareness 1, Raising awareness 2, Globalising wall, Vital Space, River / Janaina Tschape – After the Rain, Blood-Sea, Moss, Wave, River bed / Sama Alshaibi – Thowra/Revolution / Martin Mlecko – Waterfalls / Beth Derbyshire – Arctic study / Santeri Tuori – Forest / Shoja Azari – Winter / Interpol – Planet