Kids Special

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A 24hour special feature on children and creativity or artists imagining a child's world:

Various artists from all over the world presenting their unique individual approach to children and art. A wide range of ideas, such as: Children and Sports presents the visual perception of sport events by kids from Russia, Botswana, Lebanon, etc. Kids Guernica show depicts children painting on a canvas the size of the famous Guernica piece by Pablo Picasso. Over 160 paintings all over the world have been produced so far, connecting children from various countries with the message of peace. A subtle, quiet assemblage of images shows drawings made by afghan orphans – traumatized by the loss of their family and the war, yet driven by their creativity and fantasy. Wir sehen Hellersdorf (transl.: We see Hellersdorf) – had children documenting their surroundings photographically. A surprising perspective and choice of motifs in a socially disadvantaged neighborhood. Artists such as El Seed, Tullia, Gianni Rodari, etc. pick up on the imaginative world of children. And last – the special focus presents holdings of child-related art: theater dolls, playing shop, dollhouses, etc.