Karl Friedrich Schinkel

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The goal of ikono’s “Artist of the Month” program is to highlight an outstanding artist through our unique presentation format. For October 2012, the Prussian architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel will be our featured artist. With a talent for drawing, he became a student of the architect Friedrich and David Gilly, father and son, with whom he learned to appreciate technical accuracy and from whom he received classical influence. Unable to practice his profession as an architect during Napoleon’s occupation of Prussia, he dedicated himself instead to oil painting, engraving, furniture building and even opera scenery such as “The Magic Flute”. He returned from his trips through Italy, France and England with innumerable drawings and ideas, which he applied to future architectural projects. In 1810, Schinkel began work for the Deputation for Architecture of Berlin, of which he became the director only a short time later. One of his first complete projects, the New Guard House, was constructed between 1816 and 1818 and can be interpreted as an aesthetic statement.  He also designed buildings in Prussia across an area spanning from the Dutch border to Königsberg. His theoretical work, left behind in numerous sketches, is no less important.  Through his extensive body of work, Karl Friedrich Schinkel made a considerable impact on the history of both visual and applied arts.