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The Querini Stampalia Foundation was founded in 1869 by the will of Count Giovanni, the last descendant of the patrician family Querini Stampalia. The Foundation is located in the very same Querini Stampalia’s ancient palace of the sixteenth century, where the family’s heritage is preserved: a library containing about 340,000 volumes, with a historic section composed of manuscripts, incunabula and 16th century printed books, and a museum, with furnitures, porcelains, bisques, sculptures and paintings from the 14th to the 20th century.
Inside the 16th century residence, at ground level, are the area and the garden, that have been restored in the early 60s by Carlo Scarpa. Recently Mario Botta designed the new access, bookshop, cafeteria and auditorium. The Foundation organizes exhibitions, conferences, meetings, seminars and collaborations with contemporary artists who are invited to interact with the Foundation’s collection.