Berta Sichel is an independent curator working internationally. From 2000 to 2011 she was the director of the Department of Film and Video at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and currently she is a Curator at Large at the same institution. In 2006, she selected the Reina Sofia’s historical video collection covering the period from l963-l986 and presented the exhibition First Generation: Art and Moving Image which was selected by the Spanish art critics among the three best exhibitions of the year in Spain. Sichel extensively lectured in many countries (Germany, Italy, France and Portugal, among others) and organized international exhibitions both in Europe and in the United States. Her most recent curatorial projects include: Artpace Residence Program (2005) and Pratt Art Gallery, New York (2007 and 2011).
Born in Brazil, she moved to New York in 1979 and graduated from New York University with a Masters Degree in Media Ecology and a PhD in Communications. During her time in New York, Sichel taught for six years at the Media Studies Program at the New School for Social Research and worked as an independent curator for North-American and European Institutions, including the Sao Paulo International Biennial and Aperto-93 at the Venice Biennial. In addition she was the cultural correspondent for several publications in South America and Europe. Among other prizes and awards, she was a recipient of the l998 Guggenheim Fellowship in Humanities/Fine Art Research.
For ikono, Berta Sichel has selected works by ten internationally renowned artists: Chris Larson, Veronique Bellavista, Rosalind Schneider, Takehito Koganezawa, Pia Lindmann, Pedro Ortuno, Niklas Goldbach, Interpol, Giselle Beiguelmann, and Marianna Vassileva. All works address issues of Nature and Environment.